Tour de Donut is BACK for 2023! 

Because we had so much fun… the 3rd annual Donut Dash 5K will be held on Friday night, June 9th. 

Tour de Donut will round out the weekend on Saturday, June 10th. 

Join us for both events during this totally sweet weekend of fun as we exercise our appetites!!

Pre-registration is now available until April 16, 2023.** Registration will continue until the day of the event. 

**Pre-registration for the Tour de Donut or Donut Dash will guarantee you a limited edition t-shirt. If you pre-register for both the Tour de Donut and Donut Dash, in addition to a fresh tee, you will also receive a brand new swag item! A discount of $10 will also be applied to the total for both events at checkout – SWEET!!