2019 Route Maps Coming Soon!

Apple Castle ride (10 miles):  This rustic ride is a favorite for casual and experienced cyclists alike because the scenery is beautiful, and you get to visit the Apple Castle!   Cyclists will wind through a combination of mostly paved roads (with about a mile of a hard-packed dirt road) past many quaint Amish farms (some of whom sell donuts as large as hub-caps, so help yourself and we’ll give you credit).   Your rest stop will be at the famous Apple Castle (our mother lode for donuts) before returning to the Westminster College field house.  This could be the end or just the beginning of a day of cycling adventures.

The New Wilmington Dirty Dozen (43 miles) “ Hey soldier, can you take that hill!”  “Normal” cyclists avoid hills, unless they’re going down them, but some hard-core enthusiasts welcome the challenge of quad-aching, breath-taking, endless hills.  This is a tough ride designed only for seasoned cyclists. This route contains at least a dozen killer hills [hence the name borrowed (stolen)from an annual Pittsburgh ride].  Although the route is about the hills, it also affords plenty of country scenery and a rest stop.  So, if you believe you have what it takes, give it a try, but you will get no sympathy from us if you are caught walking your elite bicycle up that hill.

Plain Grove Ride (30 miles): There is nothing plain about this route.  You will enjoy a leisurely ride through beautiful Western Pennsylvania countryside including a covered bridge, a fly fishing trout stream, bucolic scenery, and a stop at a genuine old-fashioned country store.  There are ostensibly countless country roads in this area so that even if you have done versions of this route in the past, we guarantee that you will still encounter new terrain.  The good news is that you won’t encounter annoying traffic.

Pulaski Shenango River Ride (30 miles):  This ride begins with a long downhill glide and continues past neatly groomed farms and scenic country vistas.  It also includes a rest stop at a local brewery (Brew 32) where we recommend that you forgo the alcohol until your biking for the day is complete, and instead join us at the Hop Asylum brewery and Fractured Grape winery for an after- party in beautiful downtown New Wilmington.  This route also offers a scavenger hunt that will reward you with an opportunity to take home some donuts if you complete the challenge.

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