Apple Castle Ride (10 miles):  This is the Tour De Donut signature ride which offers plenty of Amish scenery and a rest stop at the Apple Castle.  You may find that this is enough for the day.  You might also consider a longer route after finishing this one or choose this course for a little extra after you’ve completed one of the longer ones.

Country Roads (29 miles): This Tour De Donut favorite has seemingly endless country road options. This is the 5th year that we have used versions of this ride, and we have yet to map-out a duplicate. There are no steep hills, and just a few long gradual ones that you engage on the way out which you get to glide down on the way back. As in previous years you will cross a 19th century covered bridge and have a rest stop at an old-fashioned country store. 

Roller Coaster River Ride (22 miles):   As in roller coasters, the fun part is going down-hill, and there are more downs than ups on this route.  Two noteworthy up-hills are a mile-long one that has a reasonably mild grade with several straight sections, and a short very steep one.  This ride is suitable for average riders.  There is plenty of Amish and country scenery, and all of the roads are lightly traveled.  The rest stop is at the Apple Castle.  Feel free to scream while going down the hills, but please refrain from raising arms above your head.

The New Wilmington Dirty Dozen (43 miles):  This is New Wilmington’s adaptation of the Pittsburgh Dirty Dozen. Maybe our hills aren’t as steep as Pittsburgh, but they are dirty (there is one approximately mile-long section of crushed gravel road). If you have finished this course in previous years, you have earned our respect and admiration. If you haven’t tried it, you might just have what it takes… or not. There will be a rest stop in Volant, and a sag wagon for those who need to take the ride of shame back to the starting line.

2022 Tour De Donut History Tour! (23 miles)

 For those looking for something different, join us on an excursion to the past as we explore American history right in our own backyard! Our region has some amazing history and stories to tell.  Discover our strong roots to the underground railroad, learn about the New Wilmington Amish community and visit Pandenarium, the historic archaeological site of a free African American community that was established in the 1850s. There is no additional cost for this tour  – and we extend our apologies for any confusion. 

The tour begins at Westminster Field House at 9:30 am and you are free to stay in our group or leave for another TDD adventure at any point along the way! Stops will include the Apple Castle, an Amish Farm, New Wilmington and Pandanarium.

To see previous years, please check out these routes: 2021 2019 2018 2017.